WinCase Manager – Legal Matter Management Software

Are You looking for a Legal Matter Management Software for Law Office ?

WinCase Manager is a Law Case Management Program for Solo Practitioners and Law Offices

Are You looking for a Legal Matter Management Software for Law Office ?

WinCase Manager is a Law Case Management Program for Solo Practitioners and Law Offices

Still not quite sure what a best case management software should do or what legal practice management software actually does?  We are here to answer your questions.

WinCase Manager

What is the Best Legal Case Management Software?

WinCase Manager is the best Legal Case Management Software by any comparison. Since 1985, it was first offered for Microsoft DOS 3.1 and Windows 3.0. Later it was upgraded to Windows 96 and the succeeding versions of windows. Operating as 32 bit software, it is state of the art software for for 2021. With our years of experience for law office management, it offers the most features of any desktop software dedicated for general practice management for a small law office. A FREE trial for 120 days is available for comprehensive evaluation.

What is Law Case Management Software Legal ?

WinCase Manager, our flagship software is a Law Case Management Systems and it makes it easy to store client data with with all the matters related to their case in a single place.  The essential component is that it our program is “matter-centric,” linking all activity to related matters. It helps law firms increase their productivity and streamline the processes so that they can spend more time at the courthouse or meeting new clients. In other words, be more profitable.

What does Law Practice Management Software do?

Our WinCase Manager is a law practice management software and it accomplished the following:

  • Client profile information such as name, address, contact info, gender, employment, etc.
  • Matter details information such as matter number, type of law, statute of limitations date if applicable, opposing party and representation and location of extended matter information
  • Docket Control information on activities, events, due dates, actionable items related to the specific matter
  • Memos and conversations with clients and parties related to the specific matter
  • Reports related to the matter

What features does legal case management software have?

WinCase Manager’s matter management system for the following features:

  • Automatically add critical dates and deadlines to your docketing system with rules-based calendaring so you never miss any deadlines
  • It offers standalone system that integrates with Google Calendar
  • Send a text or email
  • View a document, an image or a Google Map location
  • View the calendar and add appointments. Quickly and easily create calendar appointments by clicking on any day you want and anytime you want. 
  • Task management
  • Employee matter assignment and management
  • Unified calendar that displays appointments and deadlines across the entire law firm
  • Case queries
  • Robust analytics
  • Reports,
  • Fully customizable case files
  • Faxing

What Software do Lawyers use?

Lawyers use Wincase Manager because it is easy to use; it is matter-centric, has smaller footprint, has unlimited matter creation, unlimited number of users, unlimited number of opposing parties. It can run on Windows, Apple Mac Machines and Linux. Solo or small law offices, with single or multiple locations can deploy it across their intranet.

How much does Case Management Software cost?

Wincase Manager is available for 120 day FREE evaluation. During this time, no feature of the software is locked. In addition to this, import of your current client / matter list is also available. Any customization that might be needed to meet your practice may be discussed at this time. After the FREE evaluation period, the 2021 pricing is $1,000.00 / month for unlimited use. Please ask us about the options, services and support that is offered for the monthly fee.

Litigation Support

The software is designed for attorneys involved in litigation, so it has several features that make it easier to search documents, save information from depositions and keep track of statutes of limitations. 

Event reports and other reports such as statute of limitations, allow you to quickly see upcoming events in the next 15 or 30 days for your caseload, or the entire firm. 

Stay on top of deadlines.Attorneys must be aware of many important dates, including statutes of limitation, trial deadlines and discovery deadlines. 

Anyone should easily be able to view and manage critical dates in a case such as the statute of limitations, date of the incident, date of intake, deposition dates, notice of claim deadlines, and other events. 

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